Six Absolute Best Exercises for Low Back Pain

Six Absolute Best Exercises for Low Back Pain

welcome back guys today i’m going toshow you some mobilization techniquesfor your lower back these exercises arefantastic especially if you’re out ofthe pain stage and now moving on to thehealing stage the pain-free stage nowit’s very important that you understandthat if you have lower back pain and thepain has disappeared it’s very importantthat you utilize this time to keep itthat way you don’t want your back tostiffen up again and get pain again sothese mobilization techniques aredefinitely going to help you to keep youpain-free for the longer term especiallyif you already had a massage to reducethe pain or you had some treatment fromphysio or cairo osteopath to reduce thepain already you don’t want that to goto waste once you mobilize these jointsthe you then can progress to do moreexercises and strengthening exercisesfor your lower back i really hope thesemobilization techniques are going tohelp you it’s helped a lot of mypatients so i definitely hope they helpyou[Music]so this is the sphinx pose just lay onthe floor and prop yourself up onto yourelbows so you look like an egyptiansphinx pull your shoulder blades backand maintain a good posture make sureyou don’t drop your head down andreplicate like you’re slumping at a deskas this will make your neck posture evenworse and then that’s another issue thatwe have to address in the future or youcan check out my neck posture videos on this channel as well just hold thisposition and

do 8 long breaths theslower and deeper the breath the moreeffective this exercise will be and thenrepeat it three to four sets this shouldbe a relaxed pose you should not beshaking or overly exerting yourself orbe in extreme pain there might be slightdiscomfort in the lower back where thehyperextension isbut this is quite normal or you mightfeel a stretch in the front on yourstomach because it does stretch yourrectus abdominus which is your absif you feel like the sphinx pose doesn’twork try the cobra pose this is alsoknown as the mackenzie positiona lot of physios osteopaths andchiropractors prescribe this positionfor lower back pain disc bulges orsciatica this position is an advancedversion of the sphynx post and it’scommonly used in yoga just place yourhands where your elbows were in theprevious position and extend them allthe way so your arms are nice andstraight this will make you have more ofa hyperextension your lower back andincrease the angle there and thereforecreate more of a lumbar low doses sothis is a great stretch and position topractice especially if you’ve got hypolumbar low doses meaning you have a lossof lumbar lordosis however if you dohave more of an increase in pain in thisposition there could be a chance thatyou have facet syndrome or some sort offacet dysfunction as this is similar toan

orthopedic test for facet pain orfacet syndromes once again hold thisposition nice and relaxed for eight longbreaths the longer and deeper the breaththe better it is for youevery time you take a deep and longbreathyou open and close the spaces betweenthe vertebrae and your spine also knownas the intervertebral discs increasingand closing the spaces there mobilizingthat space allowing fluid to go in andout of the intervertebral discexchanging nutrients in and out of theintervertebral discs allowing to healfaster and better and rehydrating them aresearch paper was published in 2013comparing the mckenzie method againstthe back to school method with 148patients with chronic low back pain inbrazil each patient was instructed toperform the exercises on a 4-weektreatment program with one session aweek the results showed that the groupthat followed the mckenzie method hadgreat improvements from theirdisabilities within a month prayer posetry to do this pose after you do thesphinx or cobra pose since it’s theopposite position to hyperextension inthe lower back therefore flexing theback the prayer pose is also a greatstretch for decompression in the lowerback just start on all fours whilst yourhands are planted on the ground andshift your body backso your weight is slowly shifting backonto your heel and let your arms slowlystretch out and extend in front of younice and straight allowing your weightto slowly relax into the stretch youdon’t need to contract any muscles inthis stretch or this position just relaxyour shoulders your upper back and yourlower

back to ensure a nice and subtlestretch from your neck to your shouldersand your lower back do eight longbreaths with every breath i want you tofocus on expanding your abdomen and whenyou exhale exhale all the air out ofyour body this will open and close thespace between your vertebrae also knownas the intervertebral discstherefore encouraging nutrients andfluid back into the intervertebral discsand rehydrating them in and out with thenutrients in the body and thereforeallowing it to heal faster and alleviatepain in the lower back and other jointsin the body do this for three to foursetsreverse russian twists this is one of myfavorite exercises to do after a heavysquat session or if i’ve been standingup all day my lower back will have a lotof pressure there and it’ll be verytight and stiff so i find this exercisereally helps with decompressing andmobilizing my lower back especially thejunction where my lower back meets mytailbone the base of my tailbone alsoknown as the sacrum just lay on yourback and bring your knees up but withyour feet still flat on the floornow twist your knees from side to sidein a nice and controlled manneri want you to hold the position at theend point of the twist for about half asecond just to create more of a stretchat the end of the motion this way opensyour back a little bit better on eachmovement do about 10 repetitions on eachside with a total of 20 all togetherrepeat this three to four times iprescribe this exercise to a lot of mypatients that have lower back pain orstiffness in the lower back and theyalways come back tell me how much

theylove this exercise and some of them evenprescribe this exercise to their friendsand family because they find that thisexercise give them so much pain reliefspinal rocks this is another greatmobilization exercise that i like to doin the combination of the copper pose todo this exercise just pull your knees upwith both hands and rock back and forthyou don’t have to excessively rock thesubtle rocks just enough as long as itmobilizes your lower back the main aimof this exercise is to decompress yourlower back so it’s not an exercise or aab exercise so we don’t want you toexcessively rock a nice subtle rock isenough do about 20 rocks three to foursets this is one of my favoriteexercises i like to do to reduce painand pressure in my lower back especiallyif i’ve been standing for long periodsof timeor if i’ve been doing a heavy backsquats or hyperextensions at the gymwhich it causes a lot of stiffness andtightness in the lower back the hip dropstretch with this stretch try to do itin a nice and slow controlled manner ifyou do it too quick you actually createcracks and pops in the lower back withthis stretch i want you to lay on yourback so your shoulders are nice flatagainst the floor now with your handgrab your opposite knee and then pull itover to that side this will create astretch and twist in the lower back doit nice and slow and with the other handtry to keep it on the floor this willact as a counterweight so you don’t rollover with this stretch try to do it in anice and slow controlled manner so youcan accentuate the stretching in themuscles in your lower back and any ofthe joints that are connected there youwill find a bit of a stretch in eitherthe glutes or the lower back andsometimes you might hear some cracks andpops in the lower back if you do thisstretch too quickly or with unnecessaryforce you’re going to create a large popor crack in the lower back and you mayinjure yourself further some people findthat by creating cracks it will givethem relief a lot of times by doing thisforcefully every single time when you dothis stretch you’re loosening a lot ofjoints that you don’t need to loosen upand you’re keeping the stiff one stiffso it’s better to focus on stretchingthe muscles and mobilizing the jointsinstead of just cracking your back forthe sake of it if you want to createmore of a stretch in this position justextend your leg out as straight aspossible this will create more torque onthe lower back adding more weight ontothe stretch hold this position for about30 seconds then repeat this on the

otherside as well once again in a nice andcontrolled manner make sure you breathenice and deep and that way youaccentuate the stretch and mobilize thejoint try not to contract any muscles inany of these stretches as it makes youstiffen up even more and we want toreally take advantage of this stretchvia breathing since it will accentuatethe stretch and make the stretch moreeffective repeat on both sides three tofour sets once again guys thanks forwatching now if these mobilizationtechniques are too painful for you to doi highly recommend you check out mylumbar spine decompression techniquevideo this video will help you alleviatea lot of the pressure and stiffness inthe lower back especially if you justhave a disc bulge disc herniation ortightening stiffness in the lower backthat’s causing you extreme pain then youcan do these mobilization techniquesnow if these mobilization techniques aretoo easy for you and you can progressinto strengthening exercises to preventyou from injury or pain in the future ihighly recommend you check out my lowerback exercise videonow i also want you to join my vipfacebook group i’ll put the link in thedescription box belowremember to support my channel hitsubscribe hit like comment below if youhave any questions and i’ll see you guysin the next one

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