OnePlus’ flagship phone finally works on all major 5G networks in the US

The OnePlus 10 Pro in-hand.
Behold, all of the 5G. | Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

The OnePlus 10 Pro gets its third piece of the 5G triforce today. Company spokesperson Hayley Lavin says that the device “is now officially certified on AT&T’s 5G network,” so it’s now compatible with the next-generation wireless networks of all three major US carriers.

That’s kind of an important feature on a phone that’s meant to compete with the Galaxy and Pixel flagships of the world, which offer full network compatibility right out of the gate. Now, the 10 Pro and the more recent 10T work with all of the 5Gs, and that’s a real step in the right direction.

This whole 5G certification wasn’t a problem until a couple of years ago because, you know, there wasn’t a 5G network to connect to. Things started to change once Samsung and A…

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