Microsoft’s new Xbox Elite 2 ‘Core’ controller is more affordable at $129.99

Microsoft is announcing a new Xbox Elite 2 Core controller today, and it’s priced at $50 less than the existing Xbox Elite 2. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (yes, that’s the full name!) is available for preorder today for $129.99, but it doesn’t include the usual interchangeable components — you’ll have to purchase those separately.

The Xbox Elite 2 Core, as we’re calling it, offers the usual adjustable-tension thumbsticks, wraparound rubberized grip, and shorter hair trigger locks, and it now comes in white. It’s the same white controller we saw in leaked video footage last month, and it’s essentially designed to be a more affordable Xbox Elite 2 controller.

The new Xbox Elite 2 Core comes in white, versus the old black style

The new Xbox Elite 2 Core comes in white, versus the old black style.
Image: Microsoft

This new Xbox Elite 2 Core also doesn’t ship with a carrying case, either. If you want the rear paddles, variety of thumbsticks, and carrying case, you’ll need to purchase a separate “Complete Component Pack” for $59.99. The pack includes the following:

  • Carrying case
  • Charging dock
  • Classic thumbsticks (2)
  • Tall thumbstick (1)
  • Dome thumbstick (1)
  • Cross-shaped D-pad (1)
  • Set of four paddles: medium (2), mini (2)
  • USB-C cable

The Xbox Elite 2 Core with separate component pack

The Xbox Elite 2 Core with separate component pack.
Image: Microsoft

The existing black Xbox Elite 2 controller will still be available for $179.99, and both controllers will come with a one-year warranty. Microsoft was forced to extend that warranty period from just 90 days to a year after both the original and Xbox Elite 2 controllers experienced issues. Some Xbox Elite 2 owners complained of stuck buttons or stick drift, and Microsoft’s warranty extension applied retroactively.

“We’ve heard players loud and clear and have continued to improve Elite Series 2 controllers to be more reliable than ever before with refined components that are built to last,” says Daniel Ruiz, senior marketing manager for Xbox accessories. “For added peace of mind, Elite Series 2 controllers come with Microsoft’s 1-year limited warranty.”

Preorders for the new $129.99 white Xbox Elite 2 Core controller start today over at Microsoft’s online store, and it will start shipping on September 21st.

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