HOW TO START AN E-COMMERCE BUSINESS IN 2023 (Beginners Guide Step By Step)

HOW TO START AN E-COMMERCE BUSINESS IN 2023 (Beginners Guide Step By Step)

if you’re a complete beginner and you’realso looking to start an e-commercebusiness moving into 2023 and Beyond youneed to make sure that you watch thiswhole video from start to finish becauseI’m going to go through the things thatI wish I was aware of before I startedmy seven figure e-commerce business thatallowed me to quit my full-time jobtravel the world to various differentlocations while still being able to makea passive income from my e-commercebusiness even on holiday so I’m surethat if you watch this whole video fromstart to finish you’re definitely goingto learn a lot of useful tips that’sgoing to point you in the rightdirection and also help you if you’re abeginner when it comes to starting ane-commerce business so as always I don’twaste any more time I want to get rightinto it if you find any value in thevideo at any point don’t forget to pressthe like button I really appreciate thatthank you so much don’t forget tosubscribe as well hit the Bellnotification let’s jump straight intothe video alright so first things firstwhat exactly is an e-commerce businessfor anyone that’s new to this term andhas never heard it before so in myopinion I would say that an e-commercebusiness is simply an online store whereyou’re going to be selling physicalproducts to people through the internetand there’s so many different ways thatyou can do it and there’s so manydifferent ways that you can structure itbut I’m going to go through the basicsin

today’s video so one of the firstthings need to be aware of is whichplatform should you use when it comes toactually being able to Showcase yourproducts to any potential customer andthe three main platforms I alwaysrecommend people to go with is eitherAmazon eBay or Shopify and I’m sure thatmost of you that are watching this videohave probably heard of these threedifferent names before but for anyonethat doesn’t really know exactly howthey work Amazon and eBay are bothmarketplaces which means that peoplelike you and me can sign up to any oneof these two platforms list our productsup there and be able to benefit from allof the different visitors and trafficthat they’re getting on a daily basishowever Shopify is a platform thatallows you to create your own e-commercewebsite so you’re going to get your owndomain which is www dot followed and inform theircustomers can now buy it directly fromyour website however when it comes tocustomers buying from you on these twoplatforms they’re gonna have to godirectly to Amazon or Ebay and then typein the name of the product that theywant and if you’re selling that productthere’s a chance that they may comeacross your listing however there’s somedifferent pros and different cons thatyou need to be aware of depending onwhich platform that you decide to gowith so let’s start off with Amazon oneof the first cons is that they havereally strict rules and different inplace so over my many years of sellingon Amazon one thing that I candefinitely say that I don’t like aboutit is all of the different rules thatthey have and that you have to followand if you don’t follow them you’regoing to get penalized then there’stimes where

they’ve closed down myAmazon store for a month two months andit could be for anything small or itcould be for anything big but that’sdefinitely one of the biggest headachesthat I’ve faced anyway when it comes toselling on Amazon however one of thebiggest Pros is that you do have theoption to use the Amazon FBA service andif you don’t know what FBA is it’ssimply where you’re going to be able toship your inventory to an Amazonwarehouse so that whenever you make asale Amazon are going to pack and pickand ship out the order to your customerand if you get any returns they’re alsogoing to be able to handle that as wellnow of course there is going to be somesort of cost with that but that’sdefinitely one of the biggest pros ofselling on Amazon moving on to eBay nowone of the biggest cons is that you haveno ownership of your customers and thisis also the same thing with eBay in myopinion which is where you’re not goingto be able to have access to yourcustomers emails which means that it’sgoing to be a little bit hard for you togrow your business in the way that youwant to because if someone wants to buyit from you you should be able to sendthem an email send them a coupon saythank you to them but you don’t have anythe ownership of your customers which insome way can translate to you having noownership over the business that you’rebuilding on either eBay or Amazonhowever one of the pros is that listingproducts is very simple it probablytakes around five or ten minutes for youto fully list a product on eBay ifyou’ve done anything right you’re goingto be able to sit back

relax and waitfor the sales to start coming in somoving on to Shopify one of the biggestcons is that you will have to gettraffic directed to your store you’renot going to be able to benefit from thefact that eBay or Amazon are gettingmillions of people going onto thesewebsites on a daily basis once you buildyour website using Shopify it’s going tobe your responsibility to make customerseven aware that your business evenexists and sometimes this can come at acost when it comes to using variousdifferent paid ads Etc but that’sdefinitely one of the biggest cons ofstarting your own website but one of themain Pros is that you’re going to havedirect access to your customersinformation for example their emailaddress so as I already said earlierwhen it comes to using a third-partyMarketplace like eBay or Amazon theyrestrict you from viewing any sensitiveinformation about your customer becauseof course they don’t want you tocommunicate with your customer outsidethe platform however when you build youre-commerce business using shop there’snot going to be any weird rules andregulations in place that you have tofollow you’re essentially going to buildyour business in the way that you wanthow you want so the question now iswhich platform should you sell on ifyou’re a complete beginner well it alldepends on what you want out of yourbusiness I can’t really answer that theway that I was able to do it was byinitially starting off on eBay and thenI was able to build up my sales toaround 30 40 50 000 per month and thenfrom there I now branched over toShopify and Amazon and then I wasselling on all three different platformsso the best advice I can give to you ispick whichever platform that you feellike you’re comfortable with butinitially the key is to make sure thatyou have laser focus on one platform sothat you can master that before you moveon

to the next so moving on to the nextthing that I wish someone told me at thestart of my journey because it wouldhave saved me so much time energy andmoney which is that when it comes to youdeciding on what product to sell don’ttry and sell an item that no one elsehas ever seen before because you’retrying to be the first one to sell itwhat you should be doing is trying tosell a bunch of different products thatanother e-commerce seller is currentlyhaving success with and then essentiallyreplicate their entire store and I’m notsaying that you need to copy their storeexactly but what I am saying is that ifyou’re able to see exactly how muchmoney a particular seller is makingevery single month and you’re also ableto see exactly which one of those itemsare bringing in the most money then itonly makes sense for you to try andSource those items and sell it yourselfso just to give an example of what I’mtalking about I’ve just jumped onto eBayand I want to show you guys the sellerright here and they basically sellvarious different bicycle accessoriesand as we can see right there they’vesold over one point million differentitems now if I was personally looking tostart a brand new store selling bicycleequipment just like them this may be thestore that I might want to replicate andthe way that I’m going to figure outexactly which one of these items arebringing in the most money for them isby using a product research tool calledZeke analytics and I’ve just typed intheir username right there and as we cansee in the last 30 days they was able tobring in almost one hundred thousanddollars they were able to sell

over 6000 different units and I can also seethat they’ve got around 900 differentactive listings and out of thoselistings around 652 were successful andthe beauty of using something like zikaanalytics is that if we scroll down overhere they’re going to be able to show usthe top performing items in their storein the last 30 days in terms of whichone brought in the most sales so againI’m just using this store as an exampleI’ve got no interest in setting up abicycle store but the reason why I didchoose them as an example is becausethey’ve also got their own website aswell that they’re selling the exact sameproducts on so not only are theybringing in six figures on their eBaystore but they’re potentially alsobringing in a decent amount every singlemonth from their website now I’m movingon to one of the next things I waspersonally confused about when I startedmy first ever eCommerce store many yearsago is should I drop ship the productsor should I import the stock in bulkfrom China and ship it out myself one byone and I’m sure right now you’reprobably asking yourself the same thingas well now it’s very hard to decide onwhich option you should go with becauseagain it all depends on your ownpersonal situation but I’ve broken downone pro one con for each differentoption Drop Shipping and Import in stockand for those of you that don’t reallyknow exactly what the differences arebetween these two different options wellDrop Shipping is simply where yoursupplier is going to be responsible forpicking packing and shipping the orderout to your customer so you’re nevergoing to have to see the product orhandle the product it’s going to getshipped directly to your customerwhenever you make a sale however whenyou buy a stock in bulk the way thatthat works is that you’re going to finda supplier most of the time they’rebased in China and you’re going toimport the stock in bulk to your houseor your office space and it’s going tobe your responsibility to pick pack andship out the order every single day as Ialready said I’m gonna go through onemain Pro and one main con with eachdifferent option so one of the main Prosto drop shipping is that there’s noupfront investment so Drop Shipping isprobably one of the easiest

business model to start because you’re not goingto have to pay any money to get thingsgoing now of course you may have to pay100 200 for you to set things up butyou’re only realistically going to haveto pay for the product whenever you makea sale so you’re going to take yourcustomers money buy the product whichmeans that there’s no big large upfrontinvestment however one of the main consis that you’re gonna have to deal withlonger delivery times because you’releaving the Fulfillment up to someoneelse that means that you’re not going tobe able to determine whether they’veshipped out the item or not and in somecases they may take long to ship it outand most of the time because you’regoing to be Drop Shipping it from placeslike China it’s going to take a lotlonger than if you was to ship it outyourself from your own country tocustomers within your own country whichnow brings me on to one of the main prosof buying stock in bulk which is thatyou’re going to be able to take a lotmore control over your business not onlyare you going to be able to ship out theorders on time every time and offer fastdelivery but you’re going to be able tocustomize your orders you’re going to beable to put what you want inside eachand every order for example couponsdiscounts Etc and you’re also going tobe able to make sure that the right itemhas been sent out because one thing whenit comes to leaving the Fulfillment upto someone else they may send that thewrong item or they can send down emptyby mistake so many things can go wrongwhen you’re leaving the delivery side ofthings to someone else and one of themain cons to buying products in bulk isthat it’s a little bit harder for you toPivot your business to sell differentproducts if you believe that you foundthe winning product and you’re happywith it you know that you’re going to beable to sell them over the next couplemonths and you import them from Chinabut then something happens where youdecide that you want to change yourbusiness model to a completely differentcategory it’s going to be a little bitdifficult for you to quickly pivot ifyou’ve bought a bunch of stocks you’regoing to have a certain level ofcommitment to that business so in termsof which one you should go with again itall depends on what you want to dodepends on what you have planned foryour business I don’t think any one ofthese

options is a bad option becauseI’ve done both of them I was able tomake six figures in profit when it comesto buying stock in bulk and I was alsoable to make six figures in profit whenit came to building up a Drop Shippingbusiness so it all depends on whatbudget you have what you want to do andhow you want to do it but of coursethere’s so much more that goes intostarting an e-commerce business I justwanted to give you guys the basic thingsthat I wish I was aware of when I firststarted because it would have sped upthe entire process when it came to mereaching the goal of making my first 500000 pounds in Revenue someone and soforth but if you want to watch acompletely free webinar where I breakdown exactly how I was able to get tothree thousand dollars per day with myeCommerce business then you can watchthat free webinar by clicking the firstlink in the description down below or ifyou ever watch another YouTube videothat I made not too long ago where Ibreak down some other tips that willdefinitely help you out on yourEcommerce Journey so make sure you clickthe link right there check that videoout straight after this one because it’salready helped out so many people I’msure that’s going to help you out tooAlright guys I’ll see you on the nextone make sure you stay safe out therepeace thank you

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