Verizon’s Visible customers are missing calls, texts, and data after ‘upgrades’

Last week, Verizon’s budget-focused carrier Visible announced some sweeping changes, introducing new plans that utilize an entirely different network infrastructure. The carrier told customers that if they chose to upgrade, they’d get better roaming coverage and latency as well as extra features if they sprung for the $45 a month Visible Plus plan. Reviews among … Read more

Apple could face legal trouble: Here’s know why

The American technology giant Apple can face legal hardships. Reportedly, The US Justice Department is in the early stages of drafting an antitrust complaint against Apple. Although the Justice Department has not decided whether to sue the American tech company. But the suit is expected to be filed by the end of this year. Notably, … Read more

‘Roborace’ car makes street track debut in Marrakech

Story highlights Driverless electric racer completes successful track test in Marrakech, Morocco Planned Roborace series will see autonomous cars compete at Formula E ePrix weekends CNN  —  It is a car kitted out with technology its developers boldly predict will transform our cities and change the way we live. The autonomous “DevBot #1” took a … Read more

Samsung Is Reportedly Working on a Dual Screen Phone : All Details (MPC-TECH)

Samsung is reportedly working on a dual screen phone that will come with a rear-facing transparent display in addition to the primary display. The patent application for the dual screen handset from Samsung is said to have been discovered at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and was filed in January. The latest foldable smartphones … Read more